Below you'll find my ever-expanding list of ramen restaurants in definitive order of deliciousness. As I traverse the globe in search of the perfect bowl, expect this list to evolve and expand. In the meantime, here is a list for those of you who have found your way onto my blog (hooray!) but do not have the wherewithal to make it through an entire post (boo!) and just wanna know where that good ramen's at. This page is for you cherished, lazy reader o' mine.


1. Ippudo, New York, NY Broth is to DIE FOR. Service was speedy, staff was welcoming, and ambiance was swank. Plus they text you when your table's ready.

Ambiance: 9 Service: 9 Food: 9.5 Average: 9.2


2. Daikokuya, Los Angeles, CA Best of the West Coast so far – in both deliciousness and dining experience.

Ambiance: 9.5 Service: 8.5 Food: 9.5 Average: 9.2


3. Mensho Tokyo, San Francisco, CA Like diving into a pool of ramen gravy and never coming back out.

Ambiance: 8 Service: 7 Food: 9 Average: 8.0 


4. Orenchi, Santa Clara, CA Their tonkotsu ramen obliterated me. In the best way.

Ambiance: 7 Service: 7 Food: 9 Average: 7.6


5. Ichiran, Tokyo, Japan A certainly uniquely Japanese dining experience which features a standardized tonkotsu ramen executed to near assembly line uniformity and precision.

Ambiance: 7 Service: N/A ?? Food: 8 Average: 7.5


6. Katana-ya, San Francisco, CA Katana-Ya is certainly not a place for ramen purists but is a refreshing change of pace with a dining experience that promises to check my ramen snobbery at the door.

Ambiance: 7 Service: 7 Food: 8.5 Average: 7.5


7. Ivan Ramen Slurp Shop, New York, NY In summary: Refreshing venue. Equally refreshing bowl of ramen with impeccable attention to detail. Excited to try Ivan Ramen in LES.

Ambiance: 7.5 Service: N/A Food: 7.5 Average: 7.5


8. Ramen Tenma, San Jose, CA With such reasonable prices, chances to score free toppings, and short wait times Ramen Tenma is an upstanding establishment that truly delivers on its promise to offer Tasty Enjoyable Noodles Made for All.

Ambiance: 7.5 Service: 7 Food: 7.5 Average: 7.3


9. Silverlake Ramen, Los Angeles, CA Minimal decor and tight interior yet still manages to draw massive dinner crowds. Delicious, hearty serving with considered broth and touches.

Ambiance: 6.5 Service: 6 Food: 7 Average: 6.5


10. Ramen Dojo, San Mateo, CA Ramen Dojo gets an A+ for presentation and at $10 a pop,  it’s a solid bowl of ramen. But they do need to work on their toppings:noodles:broth ratio. Or at least serve their ramen in a larger bowl.

Ambiance: 6.5 Service: 6 Food: 6 Average: 6.1


11. Samurai Noodle, Seattle, WA For hometown ramen, I was sadly unimpressed. Inconsistent dining experiences, though Seattle is only in its fledgling ramen years!

Ambiance: 6.5 Service: 6 Food: 5.5 Average: 6


12. Momofuku Noodle Bar, New York, NY Bright, fresh interior and ultra quick service, decent food.

Ambiance: 7 Service: 6 Food: 5 Average: 6


13. Totto Ramen, New York, NY Intimate experience with inexpensive and abundant menu items.

Ambiance: 5.5 Service: 6 Food: 5.5 Average: 5.6



Any thoughts on what's missing from the list? Feel free to leave your recommendations below!