silverlake ramen


Here's the thing with weekend trips. They're short. And as someone who (over?)indulges in food to then write about it, I committed the fatal error of not spacing out my meals in order to maximize enjoyment and not to mention stomach capacity. It's like I had OD'ed on ramen. Although, maybe in a ramen context it'd make more sense as "OS'ed" -- overslurped. See, not long after devouring my ramen burger - on the order of say, an hour - I made my way over to Silverlake Ramen to have second dinner. While it has a name as dry as a property development firm's, the food was quite delicious. Here was where I tried tsukemen for the first time!


I tried the 'Tsukemen dippin noodle' (unclear if omission of the 'G' was intentional), an authentic Tokyo style tsukemen with thick pork and fish broth and scallions. The noodles came cold with slabs of pork belly sizzled to perfection, bean sprouts, spinach, bonito powder, half a soft boiled egg, and a lime wedge.

The space was cozy and probably could not fit more than 50 people. Barren in terms of decor aside from soft yellow lighting, which bestowed a nice glow upon diners' faces. Despite being so inconspicuous, it still managed to draw a long waitlist for dinner. Arriving at about 7 o'clock, we faced a wait of about 45 minutes. And be sure to be present when your name is called or else it's two calls and then it's on to the next.


Even though I absolutely could not stomach another bite, on a moral level, I couldn't leave knowing I still had so much ramen on my plate. I packed it up in a box to nibble on later (especially the pork slabs). But alas, I left it behind in the fridge of the Airbnb!! One person's leftovers another person's treasure? Let's hope the host is as big a ramen fan as I am...

Ambiance: 6.5 Service: 6 Food: 7 Average: 6.5