ramen ramen ramen ramen rockin' everywhere


To my friends, casual readers, secret admirers, creepy stalkers and the like -- I need to give thanks. Thank you for always thinking of me and alerting me whenever a ramen-related article crosses your path. Today, I declare my wholehearted acceptance of my reputation as Ramen Queen. is this me?

There comes a time when I collect a critical mass of links posted to my wall regarding some otherworldly ramen mashup that I don't know what else to do but combine them all into a post for the world to see. Readers, it's about that time. I present: ramen ramen ramen ramen rockin' everywhere: a menagerie of mashups.


1. The ramen grilled cheese I can only imagine it must be like eating mac n' cheese by hand, a right that I feel I should be able to freely exercise at any time and place. But I have a sense society likely disagrees.



2. Ramenrrito Who cares that the fillings are encased in a circular, carbolicious wrap - why not add in more carbs.



3. Ramen waffle sandwich Well this is novel: here we have ramen-as-a-waffle-as-a-bun. Your move, Ramen Burger.



4. Ramen slaw Roasted ramen bits in your salad: the new croutons?



5. Ramen Omelette We can also call this a 'ramlette' - though that's not to be confused with a certain bile-infused omelette popularized by a now infamous Rolling Stones article.



5. Ramen Rocky Road Bundles The BEST snacks out there are the ones that are sweet and savory -- and this is it right here. Someone make this for me?

As this post illustrates, the possibilities are endless. This means there will be more to uncover as the internet embraces the next creation. And til then, dear readers, you know what to do.