noodle news vol. 3


courtesy of 1. Second Annual Ramen Yokocho Festival In the first volume of Noodle News, I reported on a ramen noodle festival in LA that I had the misfortune of missing. Though perhaps it was for the best as, according to these Yelp reviews, it sounded like a hot mess. Imagine on the order of hours-long-waits-in-the-scorching-sun-for-one-bowl-of-ramen miserable. This year, the Ramen Yokocho Festival takes place at the end of March, which is right around the corner. Interesting move since last year's was only 5 months ago. Will that have been enough time for the Ramen Yokocho Association to get their act together and successfully pull off such a grand event? To go, or not to go? That is the question.


2. Ramen Workshops in Yachiyo, Japan For the aspiring ramen restaurant owner, a series of workshops has cropped up, designed to instruct hopefuls on honing their ramen craft as well as studying the business side of being a restauranteur. Cost for the course is ¥500,000 per person, roughly $4,800. I think I have juuust enough in savings to pay for this course and a round trip ticket. Gonna quit Silicon Valley to become a ramen master, brb mom and dad.

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3. Someone designed a ramen noodle soup bowl with an iPhone stand A sign of our times? Modern art piece? Strictly functional? Social commentary? The seamless integration of tech and daily life here makes the tech geek in me giddy. But as with all advancements in this realm, its implications on actual human interaction make me sad. Currently confused on how to feel but one thing's for certain: I want one.

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4. Ramen Wings Some genius out there decided to swap out basic breadcrumbs for next-level crushed up ramen bits to gift to the world ramen-encrusted wings because why not.


5. Ramen Taco Again, because why not. People never cease to amaze me.

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