noodle news vol. 2


Processed with VSCOcam with p5 preset 1. Gotham West Market Real talk, life in the South Bay is pretty sweet. Prime reason being that it is an Asian cuisine mecca. However, I just can't seem to quell that nagging feeling that 3,000 miles away there is another such metropolis where piping hot bowls of fresh ramen abound. Well if there was any shadow of a doubt before, then I suppose the opening of Gotham West Market marks a sort of (ram)enlightenment. And of course who best to herald in the great Ramen Renaissance of North America but Ivan Orkin, one of eight featured artisan vendors of this day-to-night foodie market. It opened November 20th in Hell's Kitchen and it's definitely on my 'go-to' list for the next time I'm in NYC.

2. Ramen Eating Champ Tomoko Miyake (pictured above) was just named Hong Kong's first ramen-eating champion. Miyake finished "two big bowls of Japanese noodles in 20 minutes" to win HKD $50,000 (USD $6450). Umm... has anyone ever even seen me hangry before? More important question: how do I enter next year's competition??

3. Move over, Ramenburger Actually wait don't go anywhere because you have to meet your little brother, the ramen slider. These sliders are a new menu addition to the Georgetown Ritz-Carlton in D.C. Which means - attention D.C. friends - we are going there and that is that.

4. Ramen Pancake More like a ramen omelet than a pancake, really. Semantics aside, I'm sure this would be (so janky but) delicious. Perhaps this recipe - all the way from East Java, Indonesia - will make an appearance in a future "Jamie attempts" post.