not for wimps: soup sticks


I don't know about you, but when I eat any sort of noodle soup dish I am always seated at the ready with chopsticks in one hand and soup spoon in the other. After my order is set before me, each bite begins with the intricate choreography of twirling noodles around chopsticks in one hand while simultaneously dipping the soup spoon into broth with the other, then transferring the noodly clump into the spoon to be saturated in soup right before getting shuttled straight into my mouth. If you are here on this blog reading what I have to say, then I can safely assume that you must have some shred of interest in ramen and will then agree with me that ramen would be nothing if not for the broth. And this is why I am excited to share with you all something I found after one of my many bouts of ramen-based internet probing: Soup Sticks! Created by German designer, Julian Lechner, this clever set of devices offers functionality that chopsticks can't even touch. From Lechner's  website: Soup Sticks aim to improve "the eating experience by allowing solids and liquids to be easily consumed with a single implement." I say: "anything that transports food toward my face faster - great."

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