About ramentality

Ramentality was born on September 8, 2013. It was originally envisioned as a repository, documenting each bowl I'd eat with an excruciating level of photographic evidence and textual detail. The blog entries would conclude with an overall rating of the experience on various attributes like: ambiance, food, and service. Posting slowed to a trickle as I realized in horror what the site had become... a feed of glorified Yelp reviews.

A few years and many existential crises later, I lifted my gaze from the central point within my navel to take in the world of ramen before me. Beyond the food are the figures; you have the legends, the up-and-comers, the familial dynasties, and the cult celebrities. Ramen: it's a dynamic subculture that's simmering with delectable details and untold stories. 

Around mid-2017, I repurposed Ramentality to instead serve as a platform that combines three things that make my heart sing: ramen, storytelling, and learning about people. Here you'll discover the stories centered around the many perspectives on ramen. Interviews revolve around the central question: "How do you approach ramen?" or in other words "What is your Ramentality?" Expect high quality interviews and original coverage you won't find elsewhere. My promise to you is that Ramentality will always be a source to find the freshest ramen-related content.

About Jamie

Hello! I'm Jamie and I run Ramentality. I’m always on the hunt for the ultimate bowl of the salty stuff. I’ve been known to wander into the worlds of bun bo hue, biang biang mian, and laksa – but let’s not be fooled for ramen is my true north. 

A little bit about my palate: shio or tonkotsu are my favorite bases. Some of my favorite toppings include: enoki mushrooms, ajitamago, scallions, and mayu

The fine art of boiling that Goldielocks egg, one which resides squarely between too soft and too hard, is not lost on me. The best bowls will render me speechless as I stare into the broth, much like one stares into a crystal ball, trying to determine, "How did the chef do that?" 

As the resident ramenthusiast in your life, it is my duty to report on all things ramen-related. So, if you’ve got ideas or recommendations give me a shout here.