About Jamie

Hello! I'm Jamie and I run ramentality. I’m always on the hunt for the ultimate bowl of the salty stuff. I’ve been known to wander into the worlds of phở, wonton soup, and khao soi – but let’s not be fooled for ramen is my true north.

A little bit about my palate: I can always jibe with a dish that has the word ‘spicy’ in it. My stance in the Great MSG Debate is always to embrace the stuff wholeheartedly with arms wide open and taste buds eagerly awaiting.

The fine art of boiling that Goldielocks egg, one which resides squarely between too soft and too hard, is not lost on me. I really like enoki mushrooms. I really dislike bamboo shoots. My favorite bowls will always be the ones that have unexpected details, anything that reveals traces of a chef’s handiwork.

As the resident ramenthusiast in your life, it is my duty to report on all things ramen-related. So, if you’ve got ideas or recommendations give me a tweet @YasJamay.

About ramentality

This is for all you ramen aficionados out there. From the broke college student slurping up every last bit of MSG-soused noodle out of its foam cup to the gourmand who waits three hours to be seated at the hot new ramen joint in town (and everyone in between) – this blog’s for you.

Let’s come together in praise of the ultimate Asian comfort food – a humble dish that packs a punch in the fight against world hunger and one whose potential is widely recognized by its admirers as a blank canvas for constant reinvention. Here at ramentality, you’ll discover a growing vault of all my ramen ruminations – everything from restaurant reviews, book reviews, ramen news, recipes, ‘best of’ lists, ramen events (are there such things?), and whatever else comes my way. My hope is that you see this blog as your source for all things ramen related.